Definitions & Terminology

There is no shortage of gambling bonuses offered with online gaming. However, it can be hard to understand the difference between all of them. As you learn the definitions and terminology, you can identify what is being offered. It can make the difference for you regarding which online casino you choose. Comparing information about the various online casinos can help you to pick one that is a good match.

Flag Icons

The USA/CAD or other country flag is often shown as an icon on most online gaming sites. This is a way for you to easily find out if it is legal for you to play on that site or not. If the flag is displayed in colour you can do so. If it has a tick in it, then there are certain states in the USA not allowed to participate. You will need to see if the state where you reside is on that list. If the flag is grayed out it isn’t legal for USA citizens to play on that site.

Name and Link

Information about the online casino is important to check out. You will see a listing of names and often when the site was implemented. You will also see the official URL to that website. It is a good idea to take the name and do a search for reviews of it. This will give you information from other players about the pros and cons of any given online gambling site. Read reviews that are unbiased so you get the big picture.


There is a ranking system in place regarding the various online casinos. The rank indicates where they fit in comparison to other gaming sites. This is calculated by looking at the percentage of deposits they offer as a bonus. If you see an online casino with a ranking of 1 that means they offer the highest bonuses. A ranking of 2 isn’t bad either but you should avoid casinos that have a ranking below that. It means you are missing out on bonuses that could benefit you.

Cash it In

Not all bonuses can be cashed in, many of them have no real cash value. With a cashable bonus, you have to complete various terms and conditions as outlined by that casino and that particular bonus offer. With a non-cashable bonus, you have to use the funds to play the games on the site. You can’t cash it in to get money back. However, if you play and you win from that bonus you will be able to cash out and keep the winnings.

Bonus Amount

You will be able to see the amount of the deposit you will get as a bonus. The percentage means the dollar amount you put in will be how much of a percentage you get as a bonus. For example if you deposit $100 and the bonus percentage is 25% you will get an additional $25 to play. There will often be a maximum bonus amount too. For example, it could be more than $500. Once that maximum amount is reached, they won’t give you any more of a bonus even if you deposit higher dollar amounts.

Minimum Bet

What is the lowest amount of money you can wager? This pertains to the various games you may be interested in playing. Slot machines have different coin denominations they accept. Table games vary in regards to the minimum bet. There can also be minimum bet requirements in place before you can withdraw funds from your account. If you have bonus funds, you typically have to wager them rather than asking for a withdrawal.

Payout Percentage

The higher the payout percentage is, the more players are going to win from the games offered on a particular site. The slot machines and table games may offer different pay out percentages. It is to your advantage to play at an online casino that has a generous payout.

Flush a Withdrawal

If an online casino has a waiting period for withdrawals, you can ask them to waive it. This is called flush a withdrawal. If the waiver is approved the funds will be immediately withdrawn and placed into your payment method of choice.